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Cool Hubble picture


Aristarchus Crater in False ColorSource:

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Othello Washington Electric Train Station

Welcome to Othello Washington's Electrical Train Station Taunton
 Since I have discovered few pictures of this magnificent building (number 21), I have decided to post the information I have found.

The electrical station at Taunton (9 miles west of Othello) and was completed in 1919.  This large brick structure contained transformers and generators to convert 115,000-volt AC power from Puget Power and Washington Water Power to 3,000 volt DC to power the trains (the connection of Puget Power and WWP at Taunton was the Northwest’s first cross Cascades electrical connection).  As an empty shell, today the Taunton powerhouse is the last railroad building in the area.  The Taunton siding, which held the eastbound trains giving passage to all uphill movement, is the last remaining original 1908 mainline rail. (from

My husband and I met someone who said she could take us to mysterious haunted locations in the area for us to take pictures.
I didn't think about how we were possibly trespassing at the time, I was amazed at how large it was and wondered why it's been ignored like it has.

Kirk on the left, and our friend on the right.

My personal opinion is to turn those old transformers into a working time machine. If Mike Marcum truly is alive and in Ohio, he would love this place and I can only hope he finds my blog someday so he can see these pictures.
 This is a closer look at the gigantic control panel.
 Now look at that to the left. Its a huge transformer!
 The hinges on those steel doors were beautiful. I want to know who designed it and if the other stations had the face hinges on them.

 If anyone ever decides to buy this poor place, I want the hinges, I have dibs on buying the hinges.
 One side of the building is this massive hardware that could make an electromagnetic field so huge, you could send all of Othello to the year 2050!!!  For anybody from Othello who reads this you can view my blog about Mad man Mike Marcum. This brick building houses enough of what it would take to create an electromagnetic field to open up a wormhole in space.
 This was very high up. You could even send space crafts straight through a wormhole from the ceiling, but like the Philadelphia experiment, someone might become impaled in the ceiling.
 Just imagine what you could do. It would be a time machine building. But I doubt that will happen. So please Othello, she's a strong beautiful building who has been neglected since 1972 and has obviously been used as a trash dump, but could still be used as a museum, she needs love!!!!!!
 This picture didn't turn out so well.
 There were some entrances, not this one, that was full of pigeons.
These pictures were taken in 2009 I think. Please feel free to email me or post a comment.
Thank you.

Mad man Marcum- The true story and possible resent updates about Mike Marcum and his time travelling experience.

One of the most memorable Coast to Coast shows was about Mad man Mike Marcum. ( The funny thing is on his second interview with Art Bell, he was asked about the nick name Art had coined for him, and his reply was that he didn't like it. Of course it's forever stuck.) Then 21 years old, he built a small Jacobs Ladder at his home in Stanberry, Missouri. He discovered a small hole at the top of the arc in the electromagnetic field of the Jacobs Ladder and threw a screw into it. The screw disappeared and eventually reappeared, I'm sure hours later, on the other side of the Jacobs Ladder.

As you can see from the picture, the electrical flame,( electromagnetic field), is where the shimmering small hole was at the top. I also posted this illustration to show how one works, or how you can maybe pick up where he left off.

   After his discovery, he wanted to make a large one that would be human size, but needed much larger transformers, that's when his obsession with time travel led to him "borrowing" 6 transformers from the power company. When his experiments caused his entire neighborhood to lose power from these massive transformers, the police arrested him for theft shortly there after. He spent a year in jail and received probation.

  I think the second interview occurred after Art Bell was contacted by Mike's probation officer. I've read on other blogs that he wanted to raise money for Marcum's experiments since he was going the legal route this time. Art Bell told Marcum not to step into the time tunnel without him being there with a camera, but  his probation officer contacted Art months after the second interview because he got a failure to appear to a probationary meeting. He has not been heard from until recently as an August, 2011 article in Nexus Magazine posted an article after contacting him through someone who knew him. I haven't reviewed the article yet, but here is what someone posted about it:

UPDATE: Here's what happened to Mad Man Marcum when he disappeared in 1998!

A 5-Page Article in the Nexus Magazine tells what happened to Mad Man Marcum! Link to order the Article for $1.50

The article in Nexus Magazine is great! It tells MMM's entire story, including why he disappeared. Here's a short summary of the end:

After being on Art Bell's Radio Show, he got lots of donations of equipment and a warehouse to build his Time Travel Machine in. In 1998, after experimenting with the machine, he decided to try it out himself. He jumped through the electric field that he created, and was transported two years into the future, 800 miles away. He was in a field when he regained his senses, but he lost his memory.

MMM ended up in a Homeless Shelter that night and eventually most of his memory returned to him. He worked until he could afford to get back home to his warehouse. When he arrived at the warehouse, he found it empty. All of his Journals, Video recordings documenting his work and experiments, and all of his equipment was GONE! He doesn't know what happened to it or who took it.

He lives in Ohio, but doesn't have the money to start all over again with the needed equipment to build another Time Travel machine. If he had the equipment, he would continue with his work.

What upsets him the most is that he cannot remember the names of all the people who donated to him. He wants to tell them why he disappeared for two years, and thank them for helping him. He feels that they will think he is ungrateful, because he cannot get in touch with them due to being unable to remember their names.

MMM still surfs the Internet and reads scientific journals. Maybe he'll stumble onto Paranormalis some day! We can hope


  I will have the article posted next week.  If Nexus really found him, then the stories about 1930's newspapers are BS. I have heard that a man called coast to coast and said that he saw a 1930's newspaper article from Phoenix, Arizona that talks about a man wearing unidentifiable clothes was seen wandering in the desert outside of Phoenix with third degree burns on his body, speaking incoherently, but said his name was Mike. Now, I haven't heard that on Art Bell, nor have I been able to scoop out an old article from the net, but the mere story brings another possibility to the table regardless. I also heard a similar one that said a coast to coast listener saw a 1930's Orange County California article with a picture of a man found dead inside a crushed tube holding a strange object. Could be a cell phone, since he told Art he'd bring one with him. All I can say is; the government took his stuff which is why he should have had someone there to keep his notes and equipment safe. Either way, Here's to you Mike Marcum. Picture


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My clairvoyant experience

When I was 17 I was sitting at my bed wide awake. I briefly closed my eyes, it was more like a long blink. I saw a vision pass before my opened eyes. If you can imagine having a thin layer of sand on a flat surface and seeing it  wisked away with a slight breeze, that's how it appeared before my eyes. I saw a gas station/minute mart with maybe one person at the pumps and a yellow Chevy Van parked in front of the store with the sliding door and front passenger door opened. It was as if I were in a vehicle with a video camera, I was slowly getting closer to the parked van. For some reason, I sensed I was like a passenger in a garbage truck. I heard a female voice which was audible, saying; stop the car, stop the car. Not in a worried voice, but in a happy and cheerful laughing voice. I stopped just before running into the back of the van, and the vision was over.
I have no idea what ever caused this, or what store it was, although I think it was near where I'm from in Vancouver, Washington. For a while I thought it may be a premonition, so I always watched out for old vans and the store layout. After that I was able to tap into visions or viewing any time I wanted to by closing my eyes and imagining them being opened, I hope I'm explaining that right. I'm wide awake, my eyes are closed yet I'm telling myself to open them without actually opening them. Then I'm telling myself to move forward. I wasn't moving, but I imagined myself moving forward and soon I would start to see white light and sometimes it would look like city lights.Then if I remember correctly I viewed two heavy set women who were arguing. One was holding a baby with red and white striped pjammas and the other woman took the baby and the vision was over. I also viewed a bunch of flowers that were so beautiful, they didn't look real. NO I WAS NOT ON DRUGS. That's all I remember vividly. I think when I would imagine my eyes opening, what I was really doing was opening my eyes to that realm. I am now almost 38 and have not done it in 20 years. I know its because I'm too tense and have ADD. I know I can do it again but I need to relax and I don't think I'm ready to just yet . I didn't even know about remote viewing back then. I don't think I like the Military type of way they do it, and besides, I did it on my own even though the draw back is I had no clue what I was going to see. That's my story :)

Darrel Sims The Alien Hunter Discussion

    I posted this on my blog. It was one of Art Bell's best shows, CHECK IT OUT. But first, I have to say this is true SCIENCE FACT and should give you great Science Fiction ideas. Darrel worked for the CIA for two years and is now working with people abducted by aliens. He talks about planting memories in some of the abductees minds. It's like the Manchurian Candidate Art Bell said. If I'm not making sense it's because I'm listening to it as we speak.
    I'm waiting for one part to come on so I can blog about it. It blew my mind. This show aired in the late 90's, 97 or 98 I think. Screen Memories, what are they? The aliens will plant memories in the abductees, Darrel can explain it better when you listen to the show, but they can appear as your dead grandma or as a clown, it's like adding a new windows desktop picture to your brain.
    Aliens may be after us for how some of us process information.
OKAY!!!! During this program Darrel Sims spoke about a psychic that came to see him, get ready for this, it's what totally blew my mind and made me think. They did his hypnotic regression therapy and the psychic found herself remembering her abductions and it turns out, the aliens had been giving her the psychic ability the entire time. That blew me away. It makes you think about whether or not humans truly have psychic ability or do they all access the info from the dimensional beings.I used to be able to induce random remote type viewing when I was 17. I'll blog about it in a few minutes. EVERYONE LISTEN TO THIS SHOW!!!

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Cornell University Scientists can read your mind!!!

  This article was from a Yahoo news blog called Trending Now and was posted on March 15th, 2013. Nathan Spreng, a Neuroscientist at Cornell University has used magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, to scan images people are thinking of. The MRI analyzes blood flow to different parts of the brain. It reminded me of the telepathic thinker in the space craft in Flash Gordon. When Princess Aura talks about thinking someone a message, it reminded me of texting and how people say they want to text someone a message,but a scanner that can see what pictures you're thinking of? If that isn't sci-fi, I don't know what is.
  Here again, science fiction meets science fact, or is science fact I should say. 19 volunteers were told to imagine four fictious characters and different things that the characters might do in certain situations. The article doesn't give any details about the MRI, whether it's different than the MRI's most people think of. I'm leaning towards yes.The article ends to say; don't worry, they can only read your mind if it's being scanned. So I searched the net to see if portable MRI scanners exist, and yes they do. I found an article in that talks about portable MRI's. They were created curtsy of  the Magnetic Resonance working group at the Fraunhofer Institute for Biomedical Technology Engineering. Unlike their much larger counter parts which require nitrogen and liquid helium cooling, these portable bad boys have permanent magnets that don't require cooling. So I take it that's because the motor is smaller, thus eliminating the heat that comes with larger motors. This article says these small scanners can't do full body scanning like the larger ones. So what are they good for?
  They're being used in Antarctica to analyze ice glaciers.I am trying to put into my own words, how the magnets of these portables, called pocket sized Nuclear magnetic resonance, or NMR's work. They create a smooth magnetic field, basically. Here is a picture of one I found.

Pocket-sized magnetic resonance imaging

 So, my conclusion is; yes your brain can be scanned to read your mind, BUT, what I would do is imagine a brick wall or someone giving the middle finger and we will all be just fine.

Flash Gordon Week Day 2-1980 movie recap

Loved the movie. I noticed Flash was floating away on what looks like a wave runner at the end. I thought that was awesome. I did a little research on the personal water craft and the U.S.A first got their taste from Kawasaki in 1973 and Yamaha in 1986, but Europe was the first to develop them. I'm going to post the movie on youtube for your viewing pleasure.
I don't know if I said it yesterday, but I watched the movie Ted and saw Sam Jones(Flash Gordon). He looks great for his age. He had the blonde hair just like in the 1980 movie. I like the blue alien blood of the guy that bit the dust by the sword. Here's my take on blood colors; two words; TEAL GREEN. I think teal green would make the perfect alien blood color because it has a richness to it. It's not a flat color like red paint versus red blood. Get my drift? It looks like it could actually be a blood color. Of course the movie had crayon baby blue as the blood color, but that made me think of teal which I am naming as the number one alien blood color. I'm now going to post flash and do some more Flashing, maybe some Flash cartoons or some old 1930's episodes.

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Flash Gordon Week.

When it comes to using everyday things such as natural disasters to create great science fiction, nobody does it like the merciless Emperor Ming from planet Mongo. Flash Gordon is a name that everybody knows, although not everybody has seen the movie, read the comics, or watched the T.V show, including me. So I am here to announce this week as being Flash Gordon week. One thing I have learned my short time as a blogger is CONTENT, CONTENT, CONTENT. And even though I still have two short stories to finish and post, I want to introduce myself and my readers to the various aspects of science fiction, so I am downloading the movie Flash Gordon as we speak so I can learn more about the character than I do.
Like I said,most of know Flash Gordon, but don't really KNOW Flash Gordon, and I'm not about to use Wikipedia for anything except names so I know what to download, and for cross referencing. I want my take on Flash Gordon to be MY TAKE. So get ready to step back in time because this is the first annual Flash Gordon week.

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Yesterday I signed myself up to a writers group called Scribophile. You can sign up free or pay for a subscription which offers more than the free subscription. I signed up for the free offer. I think Scribophile is great for aspiring writers like myself.
 You can post your stories and have other writers review it. You can get what is called Karma points for critiquing other people's work and for winning contests. I just got invited to a science fiction group. That's right, there are various groups you can join. They also have blogs and a writerfolio, which I have posted mine, that lists your writing strong points and experience. It's an online professional writing portfolio.
  I really encourage anyone who wants to be a serious writer to check them out. They have a writing academy that has a list of writing resources posted by Scribophile's professional writers. Scribophile basic lets you post up to two pieces of your work at once, costs you one extra karma point for entering contests, and lets you store up to ten private messages and bulletins. The Premium service allows an unlimited number of works posted at once, no extra karma points to enter contests, unlimited numbers of private messages and bulletins, and far more to list here. The monthly premium price is $9, or $65 a year. Regardless, when you sign up, you have an option to use a  pen name, which is only encouraged if you plan to use it in the writing world and receive checks with that name. You use your real name on the writerfolio. Once again, I encourage everyone to check out

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The Civilization Project

Deep in space is a tale which is told throughout the galaxies as far away as you can imagine. It's a tale that is not only amazing to hear, but also very true. It all start thousands of years ago, and at least three times as many light years away, when two twin alien brothers from a lonely little wet planet called Tearth-Boc-Two decided they would try once again to enroll in the intergalactic science contest. They failed the contest every light year. The selected winners got tuition to attend the best Collage University among the 100 galaxies that would enter. Zack and Zane were always blamed for their galaxy losing each light year because their planet was the smallest in the Tearh-Boc galaxy, but they were also the smartest ones qualified out of all five planets on Tearth-Boc. So truth be told, it was jealousy. When the time came for everyone to enroll in the contest, Zack and Zane's uncle Jack came to talk with them before they enrolled and started their usual space ship projects. "Before you two enroll, I have an idea for the perfect project that's sure to win, but before I tell you what it is, I want to show you the project your father and I did when we were your age." Uncle Jack said. The boys were excited to see what it was. The trip was many galaxies away and they had to create wormholes to shorten the distance of the trip. When they arrived they were amazed to see eight planets and one bright star. "Wow!" Zane exclaimed. "Did you and dad make all these?" "No." Uncle Jack said smiling. "Only two." He took the space ship over to the tiniest planet he called Pluto. That was the first planet they made for the enrollment project. The bright star was created the next year, along with the other planets. Uncle Jack said it was the bright star that ruined their project. "That dumb star Sunby made." He said. "He even named it the Sun, after himself. I hear he's doing well and makes his sun's for new solar systems now." It was that sun that chard the planet they named Mars to a bright red color. Everyone laughed, including the judges, saying it looked like their planet was mad at something. Everyone who made a planet in that solar system that year failed because of that sun. So Uncle Jack had vowed to create a planet that would prosper from the sun, since the purpose of Sunby creating it was to burn their planet, he would be as angry as Mars to hear they made use of his creation, but after his brother died, he never tried got around to it. At last they had the winning idea. They started the project immediately with Uncle Jack's help. They wanted a large wet planet like their own. Zack coined it the blue planet. On the day they hauled it to it's new home near the sun and the other planets, it got loose and began spiraling out of control. They tried to grab it but it was no use, they lost it. Zack and Zane were stunned. "Now we have to start all over again!" Zane shouted. That evening there was a knock at the door. It was Sunby. "Hello Jack, I just came by to see if you lost a large wet planet." "You found it?" Uncle Jack asked. "But how?" "Well, it wasn't easy. I wouldn't have caught it if my daughter Moon wasn't there. She's a music teacher at the Collage University. Her newest class project is about creating sound, so she created her sound machine for the class and named it the Moon, after herself. Your planet stopped as soon as it got within orbit of it." Uncle Jack and the boys were very excited. Moon decided to donate her sound machine to Zack and Zane for their project. On the day of the judging they finally won. Their planet was in perfect orbit with the moon and the sun. It could get warm and cold and would be able to sustain life. And since this was the first planet in that solar system to be able to sustain life, they would surely be creating beings for their first real collage assignment. When the judges asked them what the planets name was, they both thought about it. They took the letter "T" off of Tearth to call it Planet Earth.

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Can you imagine a planet being as close to us as the moon?

An msn video features the planet Saturn getting closer and closer to our planet. I'm not posting it since that's all it was. I am going to leave this post short since I am still working on ADSENSE and EVERYTHING GOOGLE has to offer. I will post later today and start part two of the shrinking machine, I want to thank the email I got about the broken link. TTYL


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I haven't done a lot of research, but I think the research I have done would sound good in a book. In our sci-fi example scientists give gold charged nano particles a boost by using platinum to boost acceleration growth in stem cells. Once our scientists see how far they could go; they begin building their nano thugs using the new acceleration process, but it needs to be accelerated further. And that's when cold-fusion cloning is born using the same stem cells with the gold and platinum charged nano particles. Not only will tritium, deuterium, and hydrogen crossed with the platinum nano particles create exotic matter to traverse wormholes, but creating the nano thugs (humanoids) through cold fusion is faster and creates stronger nano thugs. This entire process boosts the perfect stem cells for EM Generators or mind control weapons. With an EM Generator, travelling through wormholes is as easy as walking through without any need for a space craft.


I made my first attempt at requesting information about Project Aquarius at the CIA website. I have the book by Brad Steiger, Al Bielek and Sherry Hanson Steiger; THE PHILIDELPHIA EXPERIMENT & OTHER UFO CONSPIRACIES. PROJECT AQUARIUS was created by the NSA as a top secret Air force group created to deal with UFO's. To collect all scientific, technological, medical, and intelligent information from identified alien crafts. I requested it all including the identities of the aliens and their space crafts through out the 1960's when the book said the project started. The website tries to get you to agree to pay a fee that the CIA decides upon, or else take their free basic information. I did not agree upon any such fee or free basic cable, so to speak. I simply stated that I was requesting information through the freedom of information act. I suggest anyone do the same. I will keep everyone posted in the hours days, or weeks to come. All we can do is try. It's fun too. I was wondering if the name PROJECT AQUARIUS came after an encounter with aliens from the Aquarius constellation. Things that make you go hmmm. I will have to research it more since the book doesn't give anymore information.

Sci-fi inspiration from the CIA

I have been using the CIA for science Fiction story ideas while writing my own book which is a work in progress. The CIA created Google Maps, yes you can even check it out on the website. Conspiracy theorists are a great way to find Science Fiction ideas. Nothing against people like Alex Jones, I am fully aware of the deep trouble our world is in. I am also a fan. I think it's interesting and terrifying that SkyGo is using bone conduction technology to whisper ads in someone's ear when they lean against the subway window. Sound like science fiction? I left the direct link so you can all check it out for yourselves. Bone conduction moves sounds of the inner ear through the scull and to the brain. This is another link with information regarding telepathic ray guns and fever lasers. That's right, obtained from the US Army Intelligence agency freedom of info act. Fever lasers heat the human body until disorientation occurs. The point is, sci-fi is now sci-fact. We don't need to go too far for technology ideas. I would really like people to post replies on the blog itself, tell me what you think and where you think the blog should focus on. One more thing; Google is the ultimate Clandestine operation. DO NOT TRUST WHAT WE ALL USE EVERYDAY. The CIA is also rebuilding TEIR TWO AND TEIR THREE NETWORKS. I took Cisco so I know what that is. To put it simple ; that's Qwest, AT&T, it's the second and third largest networks to the internet backbone. It's how you and I get our Internet service everyday. THAT'S NOT CIA MATTERS, SO WHY ARE THEY MEDDLING WHERE THEY SHOULDN'T BE? BECAUSE THEY LOVE TO SPY ONUS. YES IT'S TRUE, but not to worry too much. My answer to the NEW WORLD ORDER is; SCIENCE FICTION.

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Shrink to fit in your pocket (incredible shrinking machine)

  When Dalia and Danny went to visit aunt Sarah, she had a pleasant surprise for them. Two tickets to the traveling gypsy rose carnival. On the day of the carnival, excitement was brewing as the two stepped off the bus with their red and gold tickets in hand. The gypsy rose was well known for their unique exhibits, starting with the psychic bumble bees. Next, was the bearded little girl and the juggling one armed man. Then they saw the punk rock kid with half a brain and a secret compartment in his head. Their favorite was the man whose face would turn colors matching the fruit and vegetables he had just eaten.

  Dalia and Danny went to every exhibit and decided to head for home, when Danny noticed a tent that had red and blue stripes and a sign written in Latin. Dalia took Latin the previous school year and began to translate the mysterious sign. Incredibilem apparatus detrectatione. The Incredible Shrinking Machine. Even though the exhibit was closed, curiosity got the better of the two and they decided to sneak a closer look at what they had discovered. There was a large full scale model of a small town, complete with a train station, gas station, library, court house, post office, and a grocery store with apartments, and houses on the tiny street behind it.

   Then they saw the machine itself. It was made of shiny silver from head to toe with shiny brass knobs and tubes. Come to Shrink Town only fifty bucks for two weeks. Dalia and Danny both looked at each other and noticed movement in the doll house exhibit. Danny quickly took his glasses off and extended his arms out so he and Dalia could both get a closer look at the people. They were all waving their hands and jumping up and down. They looked like they were screaming, but their tiny voices couldn't be heard. "I don't think they look very happy." Dalia said.

   All of a sudden there was a noise coming from outside, someone was coming. They hid under the table the exhibit was on. Two men entered. They were speaking Latin. One pulled out a blender while the other one gathered up the tiny people. Dalia turned as white as a ghost. She tried whispering to Danny what they were saying, but they both soon would see what was in store for the tiny people. The two men put them in the blender and hit sauté. Then they began to drink them. Dalia and Danny both came out from under the table screaming. They ran past the two men, but the men saw them both. They watched as the frightened kids ran towards the bus. Inveniemus eos. We'll find them.

  Danny stopped short, he was out of breath and frantically checking his pockets. "I dropped my wallet somewhere!" He shouted. "We can't get on the bus, our money is in my wallet. We have to find it."
  Dalia shook her head, making small steps towards the bus. She thought perhaps they would let them ride for free, but that most likely was a big no. Danny started to retrace his steps when he saw the two men. They were both looking around and wiping there mouths of the tiny people.

  "There they are." Danny said. "Lets go over here to hide." Danny saw a small gypsy caravan that had a sign for psychic readings on it. They ran as fast as they could to the caravan. Inside was an older woman dressed in black and purple. She quickly welcomed them in to view her crystal ball. Her sign on the wall said gypsy rose on it. "Are you the gypsy rose that owns the carnival?" Dalia asked, still a little out of breath.

  "My name is Anna, why have you come here in such a hurry? Did trouble follow you?" She asked. Dalia and Danny both looked at each other, unsure of what to say. "Yes, you can say that again." Danny responded. Dalia nudged him with her elbow. She whispered to him not to tell her what they saw, but Danny heard just the exact opposite.

  "No more whispers!" Anna  shouted. "You don't understand." Danny pleaded. "We saw two men in the tent and they killed these tiny people." "Danny be quiet!" Dalia screamed. Anna leaned into her crystal ball to gaze upon them with her spooky magnified eyes.

  "Did they... BLEND THEM!" Anna laughed like a mad woman while Dalia and Danny screamed. "Those  are not people my children, they are called Shrink to fits, they are computerized toys that can be eaten also."

  The sudden news came as both a relief and a shock, leaving the two feeling stupid. But that still didn't explain the signs in Latin and the machine. Anna took them both to the tent to properly meet her two brothers. The model of the town was to be used for a school play, and the Shrink to fits used weren't for sale since kids complained that they had unhappy faces, and the incredible shrinking machine was nothing more than a cappuccino machine, be it a very fancy cappuccino machine.

  In the end, Dalia and Danny would exchange apologizes with Anna and her brothers, plus refusing the shrink to fits that were offered to them. On a happy note, Danny's wallet was returned to him safe and sound. It hadn't gone far and was under the table the entire time. When they got on the bus, they waved goodbye to Anna and her brothers. The bus made a sudden stop for padestrians and Dalia was able to hear one last earful of Latin with the bus windows down.
Unum quod erat iuxta nos got paene captus.That was a close one, we almost got caught.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Christian Science Fiction

Searching the web for Christian sci-fi which is a relatively unspoken topic in the secular science fiction world. One book I researched that falls under the Christian fantasy category is; The Gate, by Dann A Stouten. It's about a man who is 'burned out' and decides to check out a cottage on some property when his family is away. After entering the gate, he is greeted by the proprietor and people from his past and he begins to think the property is a back door to heaven. I have not yet read the book, but it sounds interesting. If anyone has read this book or any other book by Dann Stouten, let me know, share a post. I think, although Christianity doesn't fall under the main stream science fiction category, but why not? I think it's because American society has a problem with Christianity in itself. But I can think of many creative ways to make Jesus and the bible a part of main stream looking sci-fi. Take the story of Daniel and the lions den and make it a story about Daniel and the aliens space ship. The point of the story being Daniel ends up praying and God keeps the aliens on the space ship from melting his mind. You can do all sorts of stories like this and make them sound cool and not cheesy Christian sounding. If anyone would like to hear more on this subject or would like me to start a whole new blog, let me know. (I might start a new blog about Christian sci-fi anyways).

Avatar Inspiration

I watched Avater yesterday. I forgot how beautiful that m0vie was. James Cameron sure is amazing. It has given me inspiration about my own scifi book, for example; my friend has a crippled dog that would make an excellent alien creature. (Don't worry, that isn't giving any important info away). I could make a creature based on a very winey beagle I know, lol. It's so obvious that earth's natural beauty was Avatar's inspiration, but here's a thought, what about our planets not so beautiful things? Say a war torn country could be a rogue planet filled with sludge and hideous creatures. What I am afraid of is creating creatures and planets in my story that resemble other books far too much. That's why we must read research and then relax :)

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Reply to Amai and everyone at the Astronomy page

AVAI 'D AMICO One thing I find interesting in scifi is the solar systems. For example instead of our earth+moon you might find multiple moons...or even two sister planets orbiting each other. Do you have any thoughts about how writers might consider effects on tide and frequency of eclipses when creating systems like that? I'd be very interested in reading a blog entry about that. Re; Okay, I have one great idea. A blackhole has formed and is hundreds of light years away and is devouring everything in it's path, consuming anti-matter and creating exotic matter as it makes it's way to our planet. The Tsunami's would be mild compared to the orbital wobble, which would be like a sudden flop, and the complete dysfunction as our planets would resemble a game of pool. Very few if any will survive and that's only by some miracle chance that enough exotic matter had been consumed by the black hole to make it a traversable worm hole. That still doesn't mean life on Earth will be safe. That would be something I would write. It's interesting to think that perhaps the moon was specifically built to keep Earth in balance. Maybe a long time ago we were in a different galaxy and had a few moons until we went through a black hole. Ya never know.

How to write an alien race and the story plot

If you need to think of a unique idea and the aliens that go with them, try this; ask yourself what people often think the reason is why aliens visit us? Most think it's because they're planet and species is dying and we need to save them now before it's too late. That's boring true or not. How about two alien planets that like to go gambling end up competing to see who could find the blue planet called Earth and destroy it first. Aliens in a story like this would be human like but have greater physical and mental strength.


My problem is wanting to make them look too human. Either way, your alien race doesn't always need large eyes or be dressed in black to be great. Perhaps they all speak Latin, or better yet, Sumarian. They live on a planet farther from the sun than Earth, so that would tell you to make your aliens light skinned or furry. If they are tall maybe they can fly or extend their limbs like Mr. Gadget. When creating aliens for a scifi story, just ask someone what they think.